Setting your preferences

One of the most awesome things about the TM program is that you're in charge of what you get in your box each week. Hate zucchini? Want more spinach? We got you!!

Setting your preferences is the first step in getting the box of your dreams. Each week, we fill your box based upon your preferences and what we've got available. And we depend upon this information to know what to grow so we can get you what you want and reduce waste - pretty cool!

1. Login to your account.

2. Click the Item Preferences menu option.

3. For each item you have an opinion about, slide the button to indicate your preference. The darker the green, the more you love it. The darker the red, well, you know. Any item you slide all the way to the left (dark red), we won't place in your box. The system saves as you go. You can change your preferences anytime to change how your future boxes are built.

4. Step #2 to getting the box of your dreams? Customizing your box each week when you receive the Sneak Peek newsletter. 

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