Customizing your box

Customize your way to perfection. Did you know you have control over what comes to you in each and every box? Include your favorites, plan for your meals, try something new, stock up when we have bulk discounts, buy a gift for a friend, indulge in a special treat - it's all up to you.

1. Look for the weekly Sneak Peek newsletter on Friday afternoons letting you know your box is ready for your review and changes. You'll have until order deadline (Saturdays at 11pm) to create your masterpiece.

2. Login to your account and click the date on the calendar for the box you want to view/customize.

3. Items allocated to your box will appear, with the quantity listed next to them. Other items available for purchase can be viewed by clicking the arrow next to the category name to expand the category. You can add, change or remove anything you want by using the arrow keys to update the quantity.

4. The total value for the box will appear at the bottom of the list of items. If this is your first box after signing up, the amount you paid toward your share at checkout counts toward the total You Pay amount. Add and swap as much as you want - you are not limited to your share value or the items allocated to your box. If you are under your share value, the system will prompt you to add items to meet your share value. 

Be sure to click Save Changes when you're done!

5. Add-ons (from our store) scheduled to be delivered with the box appear below the box totals. These are items that have already been purchased from the store - as either a one-time or subscription purchase. Click the Shop for Add-Ons button to go to the store to purchase any additional items to include in your box. Add-ons you purchase from the store do not add to your delivery fee, and are scheduled to be delivered with your first box following order deadline (Saturdays at 11pm).

  1. Did you purchase enough to get free delivery? Check out the info bars to see your status toward free delivery.

The system will tell you how much more you need to spend to get free delivery. You can add items to your box or purchase addons to get there, just make sure you do it before the Saturday 11pm order deadline!

Once you're eligible for free delivery, you'll see this at the top of your page:

By the way...setting your preferences is the first step in getting the box of your dreams, by letting our system know what you would most like allocated to your box each week. Hate strawberries? Want more kale? It's fast and easy and will help us allocate more of what you want to your boxes going forward.

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